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Monkey King Noodle Co. showcases the tastes of Northern Chinese street food. Chef Andrew Chen provides his own interpretation of each dish based on his experiences dining at the night markets of China and Taiwan. Every dish is made to order, starting with the Lamian (hand-pulled) noodles to the decadent Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings).

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Hand-Pulled Noodles

Back when in the old days in Taiwan, noodle makers were considered blue-collar workers. It was a family tradition to pass down the trade from father to son, son to grandson. But this back-breaking work wasn’t an enviable job.

Now, in today’s age of fancy technology, noodle makers are hard to find, especially when a machine can easily churn out chewy strands faster than humanly possible. That’s why we have decided to do everything old school.

Our menu

The Monkey King, himself

Andrew Chen, one of the owners and chief noodle maker, makes everything from scratch. He’s become a semi-superstar for his craft.

Chen’s restaurants focus on street food — the dishes he lusted for after a night of drinking in Taipei...and so, the "hipster Chinese food" cult begin in a small stand in Deep Ellum to the now 3 locations and counting.

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"The best bowls of noodles come with a superpower: Once you dive in, slurping up good sauces and springy and tender noodles..."

"I could eat that spicy beef noodle soup every day for the rest of my life. As long as Monkey King Noodle Co. is open, I’m happy."

"It's hard to go wrong with Monkey King Noodle Company. The noodles here are hand-pulled and everything from the cold beef..."


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    Northern Chinese street food

    Our Menu
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    Fresh ingredients and deep, rich spices

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    Made from scratch

    Our Menu
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